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Big Brother Canada 2 house revealed

February 24, 2014

Welcome back!

Season 2 of Big Brother Canada is about to start. The new house has been revealed! (the old house had to be dismantled because it was by the airport and that was causing problems — or something.) I’m loving the retro feel. Click here to see the full slideshow.

Big Brother Canada 2 house Big Brother Canada 2 house

Houseguests will be revealed on Wednesday, one week before the show starts on March 5.

In related news, did you catch Brendan and Rachel on the Amazing Race last night? They’re back for the All Stars season.

And since we’re catching up on past houseguests, there was a bit of drama on twitter a few days ago when GinaMarie posted about being in a relationship with BBCanada’s Tom, who then quickly tweeted that he was single. Is GinaMarie in a one-sided romance again or is it all a PR stunt for ratings? Many think it’s the latter.

Oh, and Amanda and McCrae have broken up. You’re shocked, right?

GinaMarie twitter

Tom twitter

All they do is sleep

September 17, 2013

Are you wondering why there haven’t been any updates here in the last few days? It’s because of this:


This is what 1pm looks like in the Big Brother house. There is nothing going on. Nothing.

Tomorrow night, GinaMarie will face off against Andy in the final HOH competition. Whoever wins will then (probably) take Spencer to the finals. I hope it’s Andy. The thought of a GinaMarie/Spencer final two makes me a bit ill.

Then, Julie will award Elissa with the Fan Favourite prize. And then we’re done.

There was no Pandora’s Box this year and the deer in the bedroom never sent anyone on a secret mission. Throw in a bunch of vile/boring houseguests and this has been a disappointing season.

I’m looking forward to Big Brother Canada 2 in February. See you then!


Andy wins part 2

September 15, 2013

Andy will now face GinaMarie in the final part of the HOH competition at the finale.

Each of the final 3 player have a secret final two deal with the other two, so obviously there’s a lot of lying going on. It’s assumed, however, that GinaMarie and Andy would both take Spencer to the finale.

Yesterday, news broke that Britney’s (BB 12, BB 15) newborn daughter, Tilly, has been diagnosed with cancer. At first it was just a rumour, but then Britney seemed to confirm it on twitter. Very sad stuff.


GinaMarie wins first part of HOH

September 13, 2013

The first part of the HOH was endurance. It involved roller skating in a circle. The guys sucked. Even with a severe injury, GinaMarie won it in  under half an hour.


There’s a rumour on the going around that Andy was fired from his job, based on this:

Andy fired

What I’m hearing though is that Andy’s position with the college had come to an end before Big Brother even started. The college isn’t pissed off with him, rather the Facebook post is a response to Elissa’s fans. Apparently Elissa’s psychotic fan base has been repeatedly calling the college to get Andy fired after he said some nasty things about her in the house.

Which, seriously, I don’t get. Elissa may have been one of the nicer houseguests, but she was also one of the blandest and least strategic. Yet, her army is ensuring that she wins the 25K and is out for Andy’s blood. The hate against him online is overwhelming, despite him playing a nearly flawless game.

GinaMarie decides the final 3

September 11, 2013


Andy put up Spencer and McCrae for eviction. Based on a lot of internet speculation, Andy then won the veto (no confirmation yet, but all signs indicate Spencer and McCrae don’t have it.) Therefore, it will be GinaMarie who will cast the only vote to evict.

If GinaMarie were smart, she would make a final 2 deal with McCrae and vote to evict Spencer. That way, she would be guaranteed a seat in the finale. But I’m going to guess that she stays true to the Exterminators and votes out McCrae tomorrow.

In other news, sharp-eyed viewers caught McCrae’s reflection in the mirror when he got out of the shower. Click below to see. NSFW.


Judd and GinaMarie nominated

September 9, 2013

“Who wants to win $10,000!?!…. Just kidding, there’s an eviction tomorrow.”
— Big Brother to the houseguests

McCrae saved himself with the veto. Judd went up instead. With GinaMarie injured, the plan is still to send Judd home.

During the veto ceremony, Judd went on a tirade against McCrae. He was vicious. But it was all staged. Judd warned McCrae that it was coming. It was Judd’s attempt to show Andy how much he’s gunning to get McCrae evicted so that Andy will vote to keep him.

The live feeds are off tomorrow as Wednesday’s eviction is taped, and they’ll stay off until after Wednesday’s show. If the house flips, we won’t know. But my money’s on Judd returning to the jury house.

GinaMarie injured

September 7, 2013

Forget what I said in my last post about GinaMarie going home.

She was injured in the veto competition. Badly. She had to be taken to off site for medical aid. The houseguests are never taken away and are treated in the Diary Room whenever possible — so you know it’s serious. Sounds like she got a bunch of stitches.

GinaMarie injury

As a result, Andy and Spencer no longer see her as a competition threat. They have talked about evicting Judd on Thursday. Judd knows he’s in trouble and is not handling it well.


McCrae wins veto!

September 7, 2013

And the game just got interesting again.

It’s assumed that Judd will be the one put up in McCrae’s place. GinaMarie is currently the most likely to be the one voted out, but it will be fun to watch the drama unfold as the exterminators turn on each other.

The veto involved superhero costumes.

Andy superhero

Punishments and a reward

September 6, 2013

Spencer put up McCrae and GinaMarie. McCrae is, obviously, the target. There is no way that he will stay if he doesn’t win veto.

As a part of his HOH, Spencer got to pick punishments and rewards for everyone. He gave Andy the chance to win $10,000 (Andy won $94). GinaMarie and McCrae were chained together for 24 hours. And Judd has been in bootcamp (exercising when a whistle blows).

I don’t know if it was intentional, but chaining his two nominees together was a genius move. Now neither one can go and talk strategy with anyone without dragging the other along.


Amanda and GinaMarie fight

September 5, 2013

Amanda and GinaMarie got into an entertaining fight last night (video below.)

Amanda still thinks she has the votes to stay. She mocked GinaMarie for not being able to vote tonight. When Amanda realizes that the vote is tied and GinaMarie casts the tie-breaking vote, it’s going to be completely amazing. And then we’ll have another eviction after that. It’s going to be a great episode.


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